Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Underwater with James Wiseman

A few weeks back, I had another opportunity to shoot with underwater photographer James Wiseman. We had a great shoot (despite all the floating debris in the pool). Myself, James, another model (Mars) and makeup artist Tara Ward all collaborated for this shoot. James was training another underwater photographer who flew in from Hawaii to learn the trade.

There are some awesome shots that I won't post here (very NSFW) but for what I can here they are:

A day in Clovers

Tsunami and I spent a gorgeous sunny day in the clovers a couple weeks ago. They are growing tall all over the island that I live on. Here are some pictures I wanted to share.

Her friend Cebi

My very own...

Awhile ago my roommate delved into some expert rigging in putting up my aerial fabric. We visited a local hardware store and boaters resale shop to get materials for our unique rigging point off of our 40 ft high roof. Our house sits on stilts and what's better than to hang 20 feet of red aerial fabric from the rooftop overhanging our front deck? Guess you can gather that I am not much afraid of heights... Contrarily, silk burn (similar to rope burn) is a definite nemesis.

My roomie is very crafty, he knows how to as he says "acquire" stuff. He likes to say that everything he needs , he can eventually get for free (directly given to him or scavenging strangers curbsides). I have witnessed his ability to "acquire" things in various situations. In the last hurricane , he scored a band saw, drill press, air compressor, a couple kegs (from a local bar that literally crashed into our park)... the list goes on.

We are in the process of remodeling our house so it's a virtual death trap right now. Nails popping out from door frames, Travis' absent minded left hand saws jutting out from my window seal, endless amounts of drywall dust, spewing coils of extension cord stretching from one end of the hallway floor to the other... On the bright side, I finally have an actual door to my room! My own caution or lack thereof I suppose didn't save me from falling into a turkey fryer on our top deck a week ago. The night before we had a seafood boil and the damn thing was still outside collecting bacteria when it decided to jump up and put a 3.5 inch slice across the bottom of my knee. I'm not exaggerating even a tad when I say that I could not have had a run in with a more contaminated and jagged item in the WHOLE HOUSE! After creating a murder scene from the top deck to the bathroom and washing out my gaping wound, Travis put butterfly closures on my knee. I had never had stitches, so in attempt to spare myself that fun, I decided it would be best to "sleep on it." HA.

The next morning I woke up with this zombie wound and all the lovely gore you see here convinced me that I needed stitches after all.

Gosh, if there is a lesson to be learned here.. it's that I'm clumsy when cleaning/standing around/ BSing... but not getting drunk and wrapping myself up in silk 20ft high.