Thursday, January 27, 2011

Send me cute

I have soooooo much to do to prepare for performances this weekend... I am stressing a bit. Videos like the one above help calm me when I am like this. If you have any.. send em my way. I'm sort of in that mindless entertainment mood (as long as it features fur balls) Yet again, I am reminded of an episode of Southpark featuring , "Animals close up with a wide angled lense!!!" LMAO

I discovered this band awhile ago. Ok Go. Super creative, check em out!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Turn me to stone

This weekend I had a gig at the Halloween and party expo at the George R. Brown Convention Center. That place is massive. I had only been there a few times for Nutcracker markets and Comic-cons (very good people watching at those by the way). Who doesn't love to see overweight white guys in their late 30's donning the attire of their favorite sexy female anime character?

The Halloween Expo was very different from my past visits to the GRB. For one I was working, and the event was a playground that, for the most part, I could only stare at while frozen in place. That's because I was contracted to be a living statue for the 3 day event. It's an interesting way to study people... (being a statue). Either they do not realize you are real and you hear the strange things they say when they believe no one is listening, or people knowingly treat you as if you actually are an object; commenting on your looks and attire as they would a mannequin. Now for a little racial profiling... black people are universally hilarious. They lost it when they noticed that I was "real," hopping and hollering about. You can imagine my difficulty in keeping a straight face here. Hispanics were more spiritual and took individual pictures of each family member next to me, I presume because I was an angel. I have to say... I kind of get some enjoyment out of almost making people pee their pants... Weird?

In having to stand still for so long (three 45 min sets each day), I pondered about what it must be like to be a statue, or soul trapped in one. I imagined being positioned in some lovely plaza in Europe, trapped inside a statue with my gaze forever fixed in one direction and my body frozen forever. Because of the muscle fatigue, I also considered the possibility of feeling the strain for an eternity, yet appearing zen and stoic. Strange things pass through my mind when I'm idle... Being a statue was actually extremely entertaining. I enjoyed the sociological aspect and the challenge to see if I could just be still and shut up. I can!

During one frozen set, I heard a chick's voice saying "Oh hi! Hello there!!! Hi!, fine then...!" to which I could not move or avert my eyes from their fixed position. After she passed, I could see it was Bridget, the playboy bunny from the Girls Next Door. She happened to be at the event because she is launching a costume line. I'll admit, especially after seeing her in person, that woman is HOT. Of course I would be frozen when she is trying to talk to me.... lol

Friday, January 21, 2011

Build me a box

I need one to retreat into sometimes... you know have a personal moment.
It helps too, that people want to stuff me in one anyhow. For an upcoming event... I actually got asked whether I would come down (from the fabric) in between each act or if I had a box I could crawl into!!! Seriously??? ---Quick crawl in there honey! We don't need you right now! We will call you out again soon!

People just don't seem to understand what they request sometimes... a week out from an event people want 5 wardrobe changes and different color schemes and other nonsense. They think you will just have what they are asking or it's no problem for you to go and just blow major cash on more costuming. It's truly amazing how little understanding people have of performance art... On a semi related note:Check out this band of rag-tag prostitutes... MY GOD I've seen better moves on an infant crapping his pants....

Seeing this monstrosity I feel slightly guilty to complain about my gigs at all!!! I am blessed to have classy and appreciative clients (although very demanding) every time I perform. I'll see if I can just negotiate a water bottle and some peanuts up there in my box. ;)

This guy knows what to do with a box!!
Hilarious ...