Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I'm back!

For those that actually read this blog...

I'm so sorry I have neglected this for so long. As the last blog adeptly described , I have been off going balls to the wall 24/7. You will all be pleased to know that I am kicking ass and taking names (or just making good grades and doing well at life in general).

Let's see.. to catch us up to speed here..

There's been a lot going on! ::takes a sip of Harp Lager::
Sorry, I'm a bit ADD now. It's hard for me to sit still anymore. At the moment I'm just watching my brother shoot zombies. He's protecting me from all the scary Nazi zombies that... (It's Call of Duty-Black Ops)


So on November 6th, I had a performance at the Hobby Center on stage with Planet Funk. I choreographed a piece for the show, which was broken up into 4 segments throughout the performance. It was an (AHHH ZOMBIE!!) awesome experience and I've met many new friends from performing with Planet Funk. I have another performance with Planet Funk coming up in December (Finals time) so I'm not sure if I can fully commit, but I'm giving it a try.

Here's a short video from the show

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready ... Set..


At any given moment.. I am probably aerial training, hoop training, in class, in the lab, bugging Travis to make me food, picking fluff out of Tsunami's ass or getting a half productive night's sleep. I am loving my use of time these days. Yet, I have noticed, that those who possess multi talented greatness never sleep. I am fortunate enough to have more than a few superhuman-like friends. They have each inspired and gave me the swift kick in the pants I needed. So here I am. I have changed my whole life. I remain insanely busy much of the time. But the thing is, I sleep. I get about 7-8 hours of sleep (that is lying in bed at least) each night.

The truly productive people I know don't.

I want to maintain a tight grip on my 7 hours in bed at least, but maybe I'll try six.. maybe wean my self off.... Ok. This sounds absurd.

On another note, I had a great weekend. A local radio station, KTRU (Rice Radio) is going off the air soon. It's been a student run since 1967. Sadly it's been sold to KUHF, a local classical and NPR station. My buddy Michael, who runs The Vanguard asked me to sing with his band live on Friday. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a more goatlike version on Stevie Nicks... but hey... to be fair I heard the tune only twice before performing it live. I had lyrics scrawled on a sheet of paper and tried to remain in time with the much slower tempo than the original tune. How's that for excuses?! Either way I had fun. Rice University has a very unique environment. KRTU is no exception. Sometimes they play completely intolerable screeching and buzzing sounds that amount to nothing but a cacophony, other times it's genres like Indian, indie or local artists. You never know what you might hear.

The Miller had the Chinese acrobats this weekend. They sucked.
No! Seriously people they were mesmerizing. I can't on even the smallest level feel cool after watching that. I'll never be able to bounce a soccer ball while laying on my back on a column and toss it to another girl a second later catching it with my feet still bouncing. I'll never be able to hula hoop, standing on a rola bola (picture above) while balancing a stick on top of another stick and a ball. Again... to be fair , I wasn't taken from my family at the delicate age of 4 to train for this stuff. I'll do something awesome anyhow you watch Chinese!!! You may be about to rule the world, own American ports and debt... but we still have the nukes so suck it.

Have a great week everyone!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Game Changer


I got into graduate school!!!!!!!! I will start on Monday! I am so incredibly excited I can barely think. For awhile now I have been spinning wheels, neglecting half of my intellect and ability. NO MORE.

I am going 100% balls to the wall into my academic and aerial passions. No more time wasted. No more potential wasted. No more working just to pay the bills.

This calls for a celebration.

My batteries are totally recharged.

To the one who believed in me; I have never in all my life received such random kindness. I won't forget it. I'll make you proud.

Here is more random bunny hoppyness to illustrate how I feel:

Thursday, August 12, 2010

String me up

As an acromaniac- (my own word stemming from acrophobia, an extreme fear of heights AND a new word I am substituting for aerialist because it is more accurate), I am always looking for new places to hang from.

I have always had hangups (ha! no pun intended I swear) about calling my self an "ist" anything... vocalist, artist, biologist.. whatever. It just feels pretentious.

So this ACROMANIAC wants to be rigged from skyscrapers, ancient ruins, construction equipment, trees, bridges ... I could go on all day. A buddy of mine sent me some images this morning that inspired. Those acromaniacs up there look fantastic don't they? Dressed for the occasion and all. Read more about this aerial dance here.

Let's forget completely about logistics for a moment and dream. Imagine hanging here...

or here.

or here.

And for a hair-raising blast from the past...

Monday, August 9, 2010


I hope you can find time to watch this quick video of what Steve Wynn, prominent Vegas casino owner has to say about the U.S. government and economy. If you are tempted to demonize, moguls like Steve, think again. Guys like this are heavily tapped into the American economic trends and projections. Their livelihood depends on it. And since it does, he's decided to transfer 1/2 of his Headquarters to Macao. We are living in an era of irresponsibility and rash shortsightedness, a time when our government has completely bamboozled the tax payers, when the arrogance of our incumbent representatives and White house reign.
Our economy cannot sustain this, our political system cannot, our tax payers cannot. The day is coming that we will wake up and be owned by China. Populism is destroying our nation. When will we remember that we are a REPUBLIC and not a democracy? Does anyone see the dangers in neglecting the standards of the republic? Does anyone even recall that we are in fact a republic?

We are witnessing the assertion of individual state's rights. Arizona's immigration bill 1070 is merely the beginning.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bright Lights, Queens and Gaga

The Lady Gaga in Houston concert was amazing this past Monday. She had two concert dates, one Sunday and one Monday (both sold out). I was lucky enough to go!

Let me first add this disclaimer: I am not a fan of most pop music nor do I attend "big event" concerts very often.

Lady Gaga, however, is an offer I just could not refuse. The woman has a certain wild magnetism that I respect. She's is unequivocally her; uncompromising, strange, real and vulnerable. I adore it. Her music is catchy, exigent and fun yet with layers of dark and significant meaning once you strip off the rhinestones, vinyl and cousin it motif. She uses all of these wacky decorative trifles, which puts off so many in effort to force her audience to gaze past the facade. Don't get me wrong, these pieces of outrageous garb are in fact "her" but they serve to attract and repel those who choose to really look or not.

Which begs the question... what if we looked like what we truly are all of the time. Who would it repel? attract? I respect a straightforwardness like that. Layered and decorated in homage to our absolute and most unique true self. No compromises, no filing down the rough edges. I think many have been conditioned to believe that loud clothing and behavior are defense mechanism or distraction from one's true identity. But in most cases, I will disagree. So many, of the people who are called freaks are living lives beyond much of what others can imagine. It is liberating and vital to be genuine, whether that is stoic, shy, adventurous, cautious...and so on.

"People watching" at the concert itself was entertaining. You had lots of Gaga imitators. As entertaining as this was, I could not help but think they had missed the point. When I look at her, I think of a celebration of individuality. So doesn't it defeat the purpose to want to run around as a clone? Meh. That's just one girl's opinion. So when you look at the below image of me and think "Gaga never wore that!" ,now you will know why.

I had a blast during the show. It was an amazing production that did not disappoint in the least. From what I hear I am lucky we missed the opening act, some drag queen band who stripped off his clothes and offered sexual favors. For the record, i heart drag queens, but ones with talent. I thoroughly enjoyed the fake blood, robodragon and cousin it costumes. The very very best though was when Gaga settled down to play Speechless on the piano. If you haven't heard that tune, I highly recommend.

When we were leaving, a drunk guy stumbled behind me saying "Oooo lady Gaga, will you sign me!" I had simultaneous thoughts- " Damnit I dressed differently so that-" and "Fuck, I knew I should have brought a sharpie!"

Monday, July 26, 2010

8 days in España

I have just returned from Spain, contrary to how I thought I might feel about returning to Texas... I'm ecstatic to be home.

Spain has a VERY different culture from anywhere I have visited before. The urban folks in Madrid have a very chic and proper look to them during daylight hours. In the summer it is bright outside until well after 9 pm. From these same demure figures emerge night creatures more wild and flamboyant than their daytime counterparts. Men here make no secret about their attraction for the opposite sex, hollering, licking their lips, even pinching girls they find attractive. Women seem to behave much the same way.... more on that later..

Aside from the Prado and Plaza Mayor, I found Madrid to be rather lackluster. Maybe it was just that I stayed in the modern side of town and did not have as much time to explore the city as I would have liked. Still, Madrid was my first taste of Spain and exposure to the different pace of the Spanish. First, the Spanish truly do have siesta time. I thought maybe this was an antiquated idea, nullified by the modern era where most work indoors with air conditioning. Wrong. Stores promptly closed around 2 or 3 pm, office workers hurried home not to return until 6 or so. I suppose it is because of this break, that they do not eat dinner till 10:00 or 10:30. I saw many children out with their parents well past 1 am in the plaza.

If you are a ham lover, Spain has got it. No matter where you go, gas station or fancy eatery, you will lift your chin to find charming pig carcasses hanging from their hooves in endless rows above. Seriously. Sit back, have a glass of wine and behold the skinned swine legs. Pieces will be stripped off for you on demand. On our first night in Madrid, My mom and I stumbled into what I will refer to as an extremely authentic eatery near plaza mayor called The Boheme or something like that. Not a word of English was spoken anywhere in the place, but we got by. We spent nearly $90 on steamed garlic mushrooms, an iceberg lettuce salad and a plate full of floppy bacon/ham and cheese.... oh yeah and my one glass of red wine. We did enjoy our time there though, it was a bustling and happy place; clearly a family cafe, cave like, decorated with old family photos and images of the city's past. From what I could tell, there isn't really such thing as what we think of as a typical bar in Spain. You have cafes, some Irish pubs (thank you Jesus), lounges and discotheques. I made sure to find an Irish pub within walking distance of every hotel we stayed in. I literally had Google maps printed out ahead of time. I'm not sure how I foresaw my desperate need for the Irish pubs, luckily Jameson was quite popular in Spain. :)

From Madrid we visited Granada, and the magnificent palace gardens of the Alhambra. Granada was the last a Muslim stronghold in Spain before the Christians drove them out. The gardens and palace were breathtaking.

I had never before seen Muslim architecture in person and the intricate carvings and mosaics which covered every inch of the palace. After the Christian invasion, King Charles V did not destroy the chambers of the Nasrid Dynasty but instead elected to build onto the Alhambra in his own European Renaissance style. It was a stark and fascinating transition literally from one room to the next. Our guide walked us past the Court of the Lions, which was covered by scaffolding, plastic and walls which he said was "under renovation." A couple that I met on the tour who knew a lot of Alhambra history was puzzled by this and had expected to see the fountain of lions, twelve to be exact. They pulled the guide aside to ask why the fountain was not visible. As it turns out, the lions were opened up to see how the water flowed to them. Modern archaeologists did not understand how the water flowed through each lion's mouth. In trying to discover this, they broke them and have not been able to figure out how the Moors achieved the marvel. The guide clearly wished to gloss over this bit of information as he turned off his speaker to answer the couple's questions and whisked us quickly by. In the Alhambra, I was fortunate enough to stand in the very room where Christopher Columbus was chartered by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel to discover the new world.

After Granada, we ventured on to Costa de Sol to a charming tourist beach town called Torremolinos. The food was amazing, the mood was relaxed and the beaches of the Mediterranean were immaculate. I could have done without the rows of topless overweight senior citizen ladies.... but hey. Torremolinos was my first contact with the Gypsies. Yes actual Gypsies. Our guide made definite sure to tell us ," You justa do not makea the eye contact with them, they will try to offer you rosemary and reada you palm for your future. But you already know your future. It tis on the itinerary. So you justa keep walking." To which my Mom tugged on me saying, " You hear that Kirsten?! Don't talk to the gypsies." The first gypsies I saw were just as Pedro, our guide, had mentioned. Holding rosemary and asking to read my palm. There was another though, next to them on the beach, a young sand castle artist who was making a Sponge Bob castle. I made a point in front of my Mom to talk and flirt with him a bit. Pedro also mentioned chocolate. He colorfully said , " You may be offered to buy what they call chocolate, it tis drugs. Not even good drugs, justa powdered sugar or baking soda. So do not waste your money." Well advised ha ha... I was never offered the chocolate anyhow. With some other young tour members, I visited the discotheques of Torremolinos. They were posh, on the beach with lounge sofas and beds outside, surrounded by curtains. Some had go go dancers, always a good DJ (some of the music was Spanish, some trance/techno but mostly American hiphop and pop). Seemed no matter where I went I could not get away from that miserable Katy Perry tune about California hussies. As I mentioned before, guys made no secret about their attraction for girls. Many brushed up against me, grabbed me, blew kisses (ick). What I found most entertaining was the behavior of one female in particular. When a buddy and I went down to the bathroom, we were waiting in the inevitable female pee-dance line and we noticed a hysterically drunk Spanish chick in front of us. She was doing that Spanish wavering holler thing and molesting every dude that walked into the bathroom. The advised ones were cupping their balls when they walked past to avoid being accosted. Right before she got her turn in the ladies room, she dropped her martini glass, shattering it on the steps in front of us. Funny role reversal... the dudes actually looked a little scared! The clubs in Spain rage on from 1am to daylight. I turned in at 4:30 that night and could not bare going out the next.

From Costa de Sol, we visited a sherry bodega. What a treat that was. You could smell strong fragrances of sweet sherry wine fermenting in the oak barrels. At the end of the tour we got to sample 4 different types of sherry ranging from dry to very sweet. We sat at a table with some rambunctious Aussies and Kiwis who had to be dragged from the sampling room by their wives when it was time to leave. The tour bus was a riot for a few minutes after leaving the bodega and then everyone had a nice nap. We were on our way to Seville. Easily the most charming city we visited in Spain. What an incredible place. We toured gardens with large phycus trees and a huge cathedral with Columbus' tomb. Columbus was buried several places before his final resting place at the cathedral in Seville, it was said that he traveled more after his death than before. Picture below.

At night we went to a nice dinner and flamenco show by the Plaza de Toros or bull fighting ring. Rarely have I seen dancers with such passion. One of the male dancers feat moved so quickly I could not even see them. We were told that the dancers were gypsies also. I suppose they were the lucky talented ones. When we passed urban housing (actually almost every city we visited), Pedro spoke begrudgingly about the Queen building housing for the gypsies. The buildings looked like asylums or hospitals with tiny windows. Tapestries and clothing hung on lines outside each one. Just as Pedro was talking about their housing, unemployability and lifestyle the coach passed by a gypsy man unzipping his pants to pee on a tree (facing the road and waving to the bus). Yippie! Culture! Spain was different than I imagined , a culture shock for sure. Fun, disgusting, and filled with history. Not sure if I will ever return... but it has left an imprint.

I am exhausted now, suffering a bit from jet lag. Spain is 7 hours ahead of Texas. I actually threw up on the last leg back to Texas and went back to work today on 3 hours of sleep. Yes. yes. poor me. Screaming toddlers next to us were a delight, but in their salvation, their mommy handed me a baby wipe after I used a couple barf bags. Lucky kids. Mommy saved you. This time...

This last photo is for you Brandi! You would have killed for these shoes.

I'm going to Lady Gaga tonight, so no rest for me yet! Peace kids!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More bumps , bruises and bites

But I am still alive....

I am thinking of copying my best friend and fellow blogger's side bar widget by featuring a picture of me from each week. Of course, Brandi's is cute and features her in an adorable outfit. Mine will be a variation on that.... It will be called "My current condition." I will display proudly all the new scrapes, bumps, bruises, lesions, lacerations and whatever other notable injuries I come by.

I have not decided what the purpose of this is... to prove how tough I am , or to inspire myself to be more careful (yeah right) , graceful (doubtful), or just simply document my stupidity. Hope it entertains.

This past weekend, I had a fire hooping performance at The Voodoo Lounge in Galveston. The set up to the place was pretty unique. The entire lounge was covered in Balinese decor. It had a media room lined with silk curtains, beaded pillows
and lanterns. There was some silly fantasy movie on with people skipping around in renaissance peasant clothes. Across the hall from the media room was another lounge room where the focus, I assume, is intended to be on people immediately in the room with you, given no tv with movies, sports etc., coupled by the fact that all sitting places greatly resemble a bed. A little reminds me of this place.

Aside from the lounge and media room, The Voodoo Lounge has your typical bar set up in one segment; stools and high tables leading to dance floor, outdoor tiki deck and restaurant. Last Saturday was especially packed. Turns out the owner, used to own the legendary Balinese Room before Hurricane Ike swallowed it. If you haven't heard about the Balinese room, you should read about it here. It boasts a rich history of illegal gambling; attracting patrons like the rat pack and headliners such as Peggy Lee and Frank Sinatra. The Voodoo Lounge reminds me a lot of its ancestor; a winding, compartmentalized hideaway, with a different theme and tone to each room. Aside from the mosquitoes, the outside tiki deck is a fun atmosphere. Giant orange and red canvas-like material above carves shapes reminiscent of sails. Underneath these sails is where I performed my fire show. Despite being surrounded by about 15 citronella tiki torches, I received 60 or so mosquito bites. And, like all gigs I perform on the cement... I earned two new pretty bruises. One for each knee! Also, a small scrape on my elbow, which is more annoying than painful considering it affects EVERYTHING I do. Want to rest my elbow on my desk... burn, place my arm on the center console ... sting, decide to scratch the bites next to it... bleed.

On the positive side, it looks like I will have a regular slot at the lounge a couple times each month. As sad as it is... I may need further convincing to go and get a performance pad to spare my knees. Seems it does not matter whether I'm on the ground or off... I am kicking my own ass.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

That's Miss Secret Agent to you

Photo above by Shawn Welling

Yay. A new week. Pardon my enthusiasm... I'm suffering from a benadryl hangover and general exhaustion. In desperate attempt at 11:30 last night to pop two benadryl and get some sleep, I failed... and suceeded only at making myself a zombie for today.

The holiday weekend was nice, but it has come to my attention that I. am. tired. I am just plain tired of going out, tired of throwing parties, tired of attending parties, tired of being social. I suppose the heat of summer has something to do with this, not to mention the endless stream of random activities I find myself doing everyday.

So what nonsense did I get into this weekend....

Got asked sort of spur of the moment on Saturday to shoot a scene in a film. I had to laugh a little when the director asked me to come play "a sexy bond girl/FBI agent," fearing I'd make and instant parody out of the whole thing. My task was to slide down a rope and light a cigar of a fellow FBI agent after beckons me near by screaming "AGENT FULLER!!!!" Of course, I have learned to expect the unexpected with these things, and the special rope I was to slide down was nowhere to be found. Rope I was supposed to slide down:

So the director pulls out this massive industrial firehose as an alternative. Depiction of actual prop:

Let me tell you; firehoses are not meant for climbing. It was next to impossible to get a grip on the thing, given its diameter, stiffness and abrasiveness. Trying to climb it, I could have nearly clocked the actor playing the other FBI agent in the head with the aluminum (or steel or whatever it was) nozzle. Somehow though, I did not, as I climbed up out of the shot, just in time to hear my character's name called to slide down the hose, light his cigar and slither by out of the scene. Thank god. I really did not want a speaking part, but the director suggested I say something provacative to the agent before darting away. Now, I did all of this in black booty shorts, thigh high black boots and a black vest. My thumbs and inner thighs are in tip top shape. Scraped absolutely all to hell. I suppose I'll spare you that photo.

Please file your concerns with me and not Agent Fuller formally. I accept chocolate, whiskey and massages gladly.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Rainy Days

We have been having a stint of rainy days lately.
So now I am romanticizing over rain.

Hope it disappears by the 4th though... I'd like to enjoy the day outside.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Epic Weekend

This was a wildly productive weekend for me. It was a whirlwind of fun, pain, heat, wind and law breaking.

Friday was karaoke with friends, Saturday I had a silks photoshoot downtown over the Bayou. We set out around 4:00pm, the most sweltering part of the day to rig my silk from a bridge. My photographer buddy, Rad Sinyak, had previously scoped out what he thought might be a perfect location. Upon arriving we were greeted by a couple vagrants. One chimed " Oh wow ! See ! See! I told them you were a model when you walked up. Hey, wut u gonna do wit dat thing?" To which I answered, "Well I plan to climb it." The bums proceeded to ask a few other random questions (rightly so, I was invading their home)... I think they were fascinated but looking at me as if I'm from another planet.

Travis (my roommate/rigger/ all around awesome friend) took the initiative to walk up the sloping facade to the old railroad tracks. I watched him walk through what was clearly living quarters. From behind me I hear a bum say, "That's cool, just walk through my bedroom." My head snaps around and I apologise... blushing. Honestly, at that point , I was unsure if the group really were bums. They appeared clean, their clothes were normal... one donned a button up short sleeve shirt, sneakers and Vietnam Veterans hat. The other guy was fishing with his little boy. I'm still unclear on whether or not the man and his boy were homeless.

Travis begins to check the rigging points, every one of which made us nervous scaling a particular piece of old railroad had not been maintained in decades. We had to ix nay our plans to use track number one. Luckily, track number two, still very much in working order was just a few dozen years past the first. However, our best rigging points looked to be on the other side of the Bayou, the best path being directly through the Bum/Vet's bedroom. I gestured to the path through his room and he nodded mentioning that he had cut a foot hole for easier climbing. I made my way up through makeshift tools and utensils, surprisingly crisp, clean articles of clothing and sticks holding them. The photographer remained on the cement bank, by the water, looking hesitantly up at the situation. I knew he had no level of interest in treading through a hobo's makeshift shanty under a railroad bridge. After a few seconds, he relented and walked up the slope. We crossed the old track to the other side and found our way to a glorious, sturdy, new perfectly positioned railroad bridge. Victory! While the photographer, sets up the shot down below, I argue with Travis about the height and positioning whining, "There's just no way it's long enough!" He continues to work ,drops it down and proves to me that it is.

These images by photographer extraordinaire , Rad Sinyak.

The entire shoot, I wasn't much thinking of the alligators down below,the cement or more specifically, falling. I was waiting to hear the telltale signs of an approaching train or perhaps sirens. None of those misfortunes occurred and we finished up feeling pretty accomplished. I was dehydrated and exhausted so decided to take the first path up through the brush to the street that I saw. BIG MISTAKE. In a matter of 4 seconds I was covered head to toe in hundreds of the smallest prickliest sticker burns you can conceive. Smooth. Would have made a great picture. Wish I had snapped one of that. UPDATE **** Rad did take a picture after all! Here is that little gem...

I whine and laugh all the way to the car and stand behind a blanket Travis held stripping down completely to change under the interstate bridge downtown. Those bur covered tights and leotard are still sitting on my bedroom floor... Fishing out hundreds of tiny, painful burs has not yet seemed appealing.

After going back to the studio to shower and review a few pictures, Travis and I head over to my friend's warehouse just across the street. They were preparing for a party that evening held by the CCSD (Connoisseurs Club of Smoking and Drinking). Brilliant. They would be holding their annual lounge formal that evening. Looked like too much fun to pass up so we decided to attend. It had all the makings of a great party, boasting an open bar with liquor and cigars, great music , good lights and eclectic crowd . We stayed till 4, (stopped drinking at 1:30, chill out) and had an all around good time.

So did this chick.... she danced for 3 hours straight and hung out like this for a bit outside.

Sunday I had another amazing shoot with Shawn Welling. Just so happens he had a cord de lisse (circus rope) that I got to play with. We ventured out to the same location as Saturday, in hopes of rigging it up from the tracks. Alas, this time there was a train preventing our doing so. So we took a promenade under some interstate bridges and around the tail end of the train to scope out other locations. We found a tractor which proved to be a lot of fun and just as soon as we came to an alternate rigging location (plan B), the train started to move! Score.

So I rigged the cord up from the tracks and played around a bit. Dusk was coming so we relocated to a field positioned perfectly in front of an unobstructed downtown skyline view. I did some light fire spinning, mostly to get some photos, so no impressive tricks here but the video has an interestingly random story to it. (considering we really did not plan a thing) Just happened that Shawn had a rope from and old show, got lucky enough to take a walk and hop on a tractor, wasting just enough time for the train to leave just as we got to our desired rigging point. The video below documents this excursion of our daring endeavours downtown. :)


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Jim Henson may be dead...

But there is still a puppet master ruling behind the scenes.

All of this talk about “insulting the president/vice president and administration” got me to wondering. Has there been any precedent to a general undermining or speaking ill of the administration he serves? Either answer, yes or no, would be compelling. In my opinion, General McChrystal and his staff were right to question even criticize white house policies outlined in this controversial article. If a general feels his hands are tied to fight a war successfully, shouldn’t a patriot speak out? What’s this nonsense about “respecting the office?” It’s a good thing Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama “respected the office.”

If Pelosi can say things like :

"Bush is an incompetent leader. In fact, he's not a leader,'' Pelosi said. "He's a person who has no judgment, no experience and no knowledge of the subjects that he has to decide upon.''

Hilary Clinton can say:

"There has never been an administration, I don't believe, in our history more intent upon consolidating and abusing power to further their own agenda,"

And about Patraeus in 2007

"The reports that you provide to us really require the willing suspension of disbelief,"
She went on to criticize General Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker as "de facto spokesmen for a failed policy."

Barack Obama can say:

“Here’s what we know. The surge has not worked. And they said today, ‘Well, even in September, we’re going to need more time.’ So we’re going to kick this can all the way down to the next president, under the president’s plan.” 2007

Yet in 2010 decide to name the architect of the surge, General Patraeus to head up the War in Afghanistan saying:

“He has my full confidence and I am urging the Senate to confirm him for this new assignment as swiftly as possible.”

Funny… how things work out that way.
In case I haven’t made it apparent, I have no level of trust for politicians. Republican/ democrat/ libertarian. All habitually talk out of both sides of their mouths until it seems we are staring at a Capitol Hill and Whitehouse full villains transposed directly out of Batman.

Who’s to save Gotham city now, when the public is misled and political parties are an illusion?

Friday, June 18, 2010


Oh man…. I’m rusty. It’s been 5 whole years since I took a dance class… Sad coming from a dancer of 17 years. The last time I attempted attitude turns, pirouettes, etc. was when I lived in Dallas. I did a weekly lyrical jazz class at Texas Women’s University, which is by the way an amazing school for dance.
I can warm up with the best of em’. I’m not lacking in flexibility these days… I’m just not so used to the floor anymore. I recall always being a bit dizzy doing turns, but yesterday at the Houston Metropolitan Dance Company, I was brought to the brink of near certain vomit. Still, I think I made a valiant attempt to hold my own with the 17, 18 year olds in the class. The Met was just as I remembered it (I danced there as a kid).

The studio has this charming urban feel to it, ornamented by brick walls, high ceilings, chipping paint, and missing ceiling tiles with insulation falling out. The same dance posters still hang in the dressing and break rooms. This one being one of my favorites.

It has been more than ten years since I have been there. I wonder how many times I danced through the ghost of my former self. I am definitely out of practice and rusty, but it felt great to glide around on the floor again. With all the high flying I have been doing, I wanted to try my feet at sacheing at bit. Actual floor contact!
The instructor was kick ass. He had a cool choreographic style and impeccable taste in music. Back in the day(circa 1994-1999), every jazz class had to feature Janet Jackson in the warm-up and of course some Amber or some Paula. Seemed every class was required to play that housey techno crap and 90’s hip hop/ jazz featuring trumpets (for the record I loved it). So glad to see we have moved on from fog machines and rhinestones and big hair… Oh wait… yes… studs, French bobs, boobs emanating sparks (and fog) are much better!

Who remembers this tune?
Or this one

Jazz anthems of the 90’s.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

See ya later...

This week a 10ft alligator was found on the feeder road (that’s frontage road for anyone outside of Houston) of the East Freeway. Poor gator was thirsty and desperate and figured he might find a baby pool, or a pool with a baby or maybe a standing water near a sewer… Anyhow, the gator’s search was fruitless and he ended up being snagged and euthanized by the game warden. Prior to his capture, he was surrounded by 6 or so squad cars against the curb and would not budge. All manners of photography, flashing lights, rubbernecking etcetera showered the gator before his eventual demise.
And here’s the kicker… the meat will be donated to the local homeless shelter. Wonder if they will make some gator jerky…. I WANT SOME GATOR JERKY!!!

As genius as I thought this conversion was… (donating the slain alligator meat to the homeless), apparently it’s quite common. When searching for the story on Google, I found that this is quite common practice in Florida.

Do they donate the skin to poor, needy young ladies who would like a new pair of boots or ottoman to rest said boots?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silking at The Vanguard

Did a silk show at The Vanguard art space a few weeks back.
It's really an amazing venue... with high ceilings. Very essential. It's an art space that showcases musicians, performing artists and visual arts. Most definietly a vibey/arty place. This particular show happened to be on the same night as
Ill Fated (a hip/hop ,street type group) which made for a rather hilarious yet interesting combination of artists... If you can even imagine me... and hip/hop ghetto/street rap. Nice. Here are a few shots from that show. Actually, this is the first silks piece I have choreographed.

Sometime, I'll get good video up of this piece.

What do you think of my bright purple zebra shorts? They were much less bright with out the camera flash.......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I left my heart

In Cocoa Beach.

After my second visit to strip A1A of Florida, I think I have fallen in love.

People there have a certain genuineness, a slower pace, passion and lack of need to rush or over analyse. I made several new friends, discovering charm and random generosity so unexpectedly. Between incredible circus training and the final epic launch of Shuttle Atlantis... I may take awhile to return to earth.