Sunday, May 30, 2010

See ya later...

This week a 10ft alligator was found on the feeder road (that’s frontage road for anyone outside of Houston) of the East Freeway. Poor gator was thirsty and desperate and figured he might find a baby pool, or a pool with a baby or maybe a standing water near a sewer… Anyhow, the gator’s search was fruitless and he ended up being snagged and euthanized by the game warden. Prior to his capture, he was surrounded by 6 or so squad cars against the curb and would not budge. All manners of photography, flashing lights, rubbernecking etcetera showered the gator before his eventual demise.
And here’s the kicker… the meat will be donated to the local homeless shelter. Wonder if they will make some gator jerky…. I WANT SOME GATOR JERKY!!!

As genius as I thought this conversion was… (donating the slain alligator meat to the homeless), apparently it’s quite common. When searching for the story on Google, I found that this is quite common practice in Florida.

Do they donate the skin to poor, needy young ladies who would like a new pair of boots or ottoman to rest said boots?

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