Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hubble 3D

Recently, I have had the privilege of working at Johnson Space Center in the astronaut office. It's an amazingly unique and tight knit community.
Where to many , the space program has become mundane, I am reminded everyday of the splendor and technical complexity of each and every mission.

On my first day, I got to watch the shuttle launch for STS-127. It was especially thrilling because I was sitting in a room full of astronauts. I had TONS of questions, but the room was completely hushed .... I wondered if it was just par for the course for them to passively watch, but my perky coworker Brooke informed me that they were actually nervous. She explained that until the boosters separate from the shuttle, there wont be much of a sigh of relief. Which makes sense.... it's amazing how much we take for granted about the launches and NASA in general. I noticed some foam fall off and graze the side of the heat shield tiles which scared the crap out of me. Again, I noticed the room remained oddly subdued. Brooke said she could hear a few small gasps but told me that this event occurs nearly every launch. Once , I was a passive observer listening or watching from home, today, I'm biting my nails on the edge of my seat..surrounded by people who do this for a living.

Thursday, I was given tickets to go see the Imax footage the astronauts shot while repairing the Hubble Space Telescope. The crew of STS-125 personally narrated the 8 min 3D film as the audience watched the magic behind those attractive 3D glasses on the Imax screen.
I have seen 3D Imax, but never one that came close to this experience. Viewing the grandfather telescope, the astronauts suspended in the darkness around him with the earth rotating in the background was breathtaking. A full full length 3D Hubble experience will show to the general public in March. I will DEFINITLY go!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Africa, it seems is still no closer to and probably even further than it was mere months ago from achieving political democracy and a stable economic market as achieved by other continents since the rises and falls of social and political movements like monarchy, progressivism, industrialization, communism, fascism etc... Are the G8, the big players in the world ecomony , the first to industrialize, or those who colonized the new world to blame for African struggle? Partly? Maybe? Soley? After all, these fiendish giants took advantage of, traded, sold and tormented the less fortunate of the continent during their rise to power and modernization. So much could not have been acheived, lest it were carried on the backs of slaves. Have we forgotten that this is a phenomenon seen in all "Great Societies." That any and all who rose to major power and influence did so by enslaving and victimizing those they considered less civilized and weak. Have we forgotten Rome? the Ming Dynasty? Egypt?
Often, it is not one racial group who initailly takes control and advantage over another. In some instances of the African slave trade and others, we find that peoples of the same race sell and completely initiate the market for the trade as a result of tribal struggles. Victors sell their prisoners of war to traders/buyers who in turn transport and sell them to their owners in positions of servantry or indentured servitutude.
Every racial and many ethnic groups have been victimized and used by another or their own since the dawn of man.

Is that how we are to define ourselves? By enslavement, struggle, weakness, victimization?

So now, in our modern world, post revolution and industrialization, I try to imagine myself fawning over a American/ German/Irish/Cherokee blonde woman being politically glorified by her sub ethnic group.
Excuse me if I find it hard to attach myself to any such affections for someone that I do not align myself with ideologically. Our emotions can take us powerful places, some painful, some ecstatic, but we cannot forget the truest part of ourselves in a myriad of ardor .
It is our innermost beliefs that we live by and how we treat others that we must pay attention to. Remember, it is not the talk, but the walk that matters.

The white on black or black on white struggle over simplifies one of the most important issues facing all civilization. To rid ourselves of such opportunistic evils, we must recognize that the color of our skin represents the smallest part of who we are as societies and individuals. Neglecting to do so we further cast ourself into senseless resentment and discrimination based on ignorance alone. We must suture up our wounds , stop continually agitating them as they bleed before the knife REALLY cuts.

The only thing worse than being victimized, is basking in eternal victimhood.


Went to see Phantom of the Opera for the first time last night. I had seen bits and parts before. Of course I knew most of the music too. Must say, it was a really impressing production. The above is a shot from the Masquerade scene. Too bad I didn't take a picture of my hair last night. It was curled Marilyn Monroe style. Maybe next time.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Casting call!

This my friends, is about the only thing I approve of that this man has done as president.
Oh, yes and funding stem cell research. That too.
But this! Does it not just eclipse all the maddening and seemingly naive moves this guy has made for the past 171 days?
I've come to a conclusion. This man truly is playing hard ball. What, with all the late night show appearances, booty checking, commercial filming for recruiting his "citizens army" and Special Olympics bashing, I'm having real trouble keeping my pawns on the board. I'm seriously considering hiring his teleprompter. And his PR person. And Joe Biden.

Honestly, I'll definitely need Biden or someone equally as eloquent with his impeccable timing and phrasing if I'm going to have any chance at winning the affections of hippies, environmentalists, feminatzis , welfare recipients, illegal immigrants, Hollywood, elites, and the media.

Any volunteers?

Job description:

1. Just make sure you "have my back" so to speak

If I say or commit to something ludicrous , just make sure you one up me with in a day or two.

2. Make apocalyptic statements regarding economic and foreign policy affairs.

When my soft spots are showing please broadcast ad nauseum that I have inherited nearly irreconcilable problems and that my adversaries are just testing the waters.

3. Compare me to Kennedy, Reagan and Jesus.

4. Don't acknowledge my past ties, cronies and tax/property shenanigans

If my dirty laudry is being aired out on the white house lawn, could you please wash and fold that?

K Thanx!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


To all who plan to read this blog regularly; it is imperative that you meet Tsunami! My love, my baby, my last shred of sanity in a gray furry package!

Step right up!

COME ONE COME ALL! Smile, pick a number and come get yourself a healthy dose of socialism!

Come hither people! Have you ever wanted

Free Health Care ?

Free Mortgage Payments

Free Gas?

Redistribution of your wealth?

Honestly, I invite any and all to attempt to defend your comrade on this issue. Any takers?

Born Again Blog Virgin!

And...................... it's gone! My blogging virginity that is!

I have finally decided to join the hordes of cyber zombies in this self indulgent ritual called blogging. But it is important to note, that I "blogged" way before it was called blogging. So I'm not entirely fresh meat...

I was on one of the first generation blog/ diary sites called Open Diary starting in 2002. I considered posting that site here so you might get a look at some of my teenage angst, but the dang site is an ad hooker in the worst way these days. Any attempt to move your mouse resurrects about a billion pop out ads offering to scan your computer or build virtual bubble eyed prostotot dolls. Does anyone intentionally click on those things???

Ok , applause people for the newly re-deflowered blog virgin!