Thursday, July 9, 2009

Born Again Blog Virgin!

And...................... it's gone! My blogging virginity that is!

I have finally decided to join the hordes of cyber zombies in this self indulgent ritual called blogging. But it is important to note, that I "blogged" way before it was called blogging. So I'm not entirely fresh meat...

I was on one of the first generation blog/ diary sites called Open Diary starting in 2002. I considered posting that site here so you might get a look at some of my teenage angst, but the dang site is an ad hooker in the worst way these days. Any attempt to move your mouse resurrects about a billion pop out ads offering to scan your computer or build virtual bubble eyed prostotot dolls. Does anyone intentionally click on those things???

Ok , applause people for the newly re-deflowered blog virgin!

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