Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silking at The Vanguard

Did a silk show at The Vanguard art space a few weeks back.
It's really an amazing venue... with high ceilings. Very essential. It's an art space that showcases musicians, performing artists and visual arts. Most definietly a vibey/arty place. This particular show happened to be on the same night as
Ill Fated (a hip/hop ,street type group) which made for a rather hilarious yet interesting combination of artists... If you can even imagine me... and hip/hop ghetto/street rap. Nice. Here are a few shots from that show. Actually, this is the first silks piece I have choreographed.

Sometime, I'll get good video up of this piece.

What do you think of my bright purple zebra shorts? They were much less bright with out the camera flash.......

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