Monday, August 9, 2010


I hope you can find time to watch this quick video of what Steve Wynn, prominent Vegas casino owner has to say about the U.S. government and economy. If you are tempted to demonize, moguls like Steve, think again. Guys like this are heavily tapped into the American economic trends and projections. Their livelihood depends on it. And since it does, he's decided to transfer 1/2 of his Headquarters to Macao. We are living in an era of irresponsibility and rash shortsightedness, a time when our government has completely bamboozled the tax payers, when the arrogance of our incumbent representatives and White house reign.
Our economy cannot sustain this, our political system cannot, our tax payers cannot. The day is coming that we will wake up and be owned by China. Populism is destroying our nation. When will we remember that we are a REPUBLIC and not a democracy? Does anyone see the dangers in neglecting the standards of the republic? Does anyone even recall that we are in fact a republic?

We are witnessing the assertion of individual state's rights. Arizona's immigration bill 1070 is merely the beginning.

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