Thursday, August 12, 2010

String me up

As an acromaniac- (my own word stemming from acrophobia, an extreme fear of heights AND a new word I am substituting for aerialist because it is more accurate), I am always looking for new places to hang from.

I have always had hangups (ha! no pun intended I swear) about calling my self an "ist" anything... vocalist, artist, biologist.. whatever. It just feels pretentious.

So this ACROMANIAC wants to be rigged from skyscrapers, ancient ruins, construction equipment, trees, bridges ... I could go on all day. A buddy of mine sent me some images this morning that inspired. Those acromaniacs up there look fantastic don't they? Dressed for the occasion and all. Read more about this aerial dance here.

Let's forget completely about logistics for a moment and dream. Imagine hanging here...

or here.

or here.

And for a hair-raising blast from the past...

1 comment:

Brandi said...

Wow! It would be awesome to hang from any of those places. I'm sure similar places can be achieved with enough thought and planning!