Monday, August 30, 2010

Ready ... Set..


At any given moment.. I am probably aerial training, hoop training, in class, in the lab, bugging Travis to make me food, picking fluff out of Tsunami's ass or getting a half productive night's sleep. I am loving my use of time these days. Yet, I have noticed, that those who possess multi talented greatness never sleep. I am fortunate enough to have more than a few superhuman-like friends. They have each inspired and gave me the swift kick in the pants I needed. So here I am. I have changed my whole life. I remain insanely busy much of the time. But the thing is, I sleep. I get about 7-8 hours of sleep (that is lying in bed at least) each night.

The truly productive people I know don't.

I want to maintain a tight grip on my 7 hours in bed at least, but maybe I'll try six.. maybe wean my self off.... Ok. This sounds absurd.

On another note, I had a great weekend. A local radio station, KTRU (Rice Radio) is going off the air soon. It's been a student run since 1967. Sadly it's been sold to KUHF, a local classical and NPR station. My buddy Michael, who runs The Vanguard asked me to sing with his band live on Friday. I'm pretty sure I sounded like a more goatlike version on Stevie Nicks... but hey... to be fair I heard the tune only twice before performing it live. I had lyrics scrawled on a sheet of paper and tried to remain in time with the much slower tempo than the original tune. How's that for excuses?! Either way I had fun. Rice University has a very unique environment. KRTU is no exception. Sometimes they play completely intolerable screeching and buzzing sounds that amount to nothing but a cacophony, other times it's genres like Indian, indie or local artists. You never know what you might hear.

The Miller had the Chinese acrobats this weekend. They sucked.
No! Seriously people they were mesmerizing. I can't on even the smallest level feel cool after watching that. I'll never be able to bounce a soccer ball while laying on my back on a column and toss it to another girl a second later catching it with my feet still bouncing. I'll never be able to hula hoop, standing on a rola bola (picture above) while balancing a stick on top of another stick and a ball. Again... to be fair , I wasn't taken from my family at the delicate age of 4 to train for this stuff. I'll do something awesome anyhow you watch Chinese!!! You may be about to rule the world, own American ports and debt... but we still have the nukes so suck it.

Have a great week everyone!

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Brandi said...

You're so right about the sleeping. But I think you do get used to it though. Plus the more I work out the less sleep I need. 6-7 hours is usually enough. Sounds like things are going great for you!