Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bright Lights, Queens and Gaga

The Lady Gaga in Houston concert was amazing this past Monday. She had two concert dates, one Sunday and one Monday (both sold out). I was lucky enough to go!

Let me first add this disclaimer: I am not a fan of most pop music nor do I attend "big event" concerts very often.

Lady Gaga, however, is an offer I just could not refuse. The woman has a certain wild magnetism that I respect. She's is unequivocally her; uncompromising, strange, real and vulnerable. I adore it. Her music is catchy, exigent and fun yet with layers of dark and significant meaning once you strip off the rhinestones, vinyl and cousin it motif. She uses all of these wacky decorative trifles, which puts off so many in effort to force her audience to gaze past the facade. Don't get me wrong, these pieces of outrageous garb are in fact "her" but they serve to attract and repel those who choose to really look or not.

Which begs the question... what if we looked like what we truly are all of the time. Who would it repel? attract? I respect a straightforwardness like that. Layered and decorated in homage to our absolute and most unique true self. No compromises, no filing down the rough edges. I think many have been conditioned to believe that loud clothing and behavior are defense mechanism or distraction from one's true identity. But in most cases, I will disagree. So many, of the people who are called freaks are living lives beyond much of what others can imagine. It is liberating and vital to be genuine, whether that is stoic, shy, adventurous, cautious...and so on.

"People watching" at the concert itself was entertaining. You had lots of Gaga imitators. As entertaining as this was, I could not help but think they had missed the point. When I look at her, I think of a celebration of individuality. So doesn't it defeat the purpose to want to run around as a clone? Meh. That's just one girl's opinion. So when you look at the below image of me and think "Gaga never wore that!" ,now you will know why.

I had a blast during the show. It was an amazing production that did not disappoint in the least. From what I hear I am lucky we missed the opening act, some drag queen band who stripped off his clothes and offered sexual favors. For the record, i heart drag queens, but ones with talent. I thoroughly enjoyed the fake blood, robodragon and cousin it costumes. The very very best though was when Gaga settled down to play Speechless on the piano. If you haven't heard that tune, I highly recommend.

When we were leaving, a drunk guy stumbled behind me saying "Oooo lady Gaga, will you sign me!" I had simultaneous thoughts- " Damnit I dressed differently so that-" and "Fuck, I knew I should have brought a sharpie!"

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Brandi said...

Great post, made me think a bit, then I laughed at your remark at the end. LOL!