Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More bumps , bruises and bites

But I am still alive....

I am thinking of copying my best friend and fellow blogger's side bar widget by featuring a picture of me from each week. Of course, Brandi's is cute and features her in an adorable outfit. Mine will be a variation on that.... It will be called "My current condition." I will display proudly all the new scrapes, bumps, bruises, lesions, lacerations and whatever other notable injuries I come by.

I have not decided what the purpose of this is... to prove how tough I am , or to inspire myself to be more careful (yeah right) , graceful (doubtful), or just simply document my stupidity. Hope it entertains.

This past weekend, I had a fire hooping performance at The Voodoo Lounge in Galveston. The set up to the place was pretty unique. The entire lounge was covered in Balinese decor. It had a media room lined with silk curtains, beaded pillows
and lanterns. There was some silly fantasy movie on with people skipping around in renaissance peasant clothes. Across the hall from the media room was another lounge room where the focus, I assume, is intended to be on people immediately in the room with you, given no tv with movies, sports etc., coupled by the fact that all sitting places greatly resemble a bed. A little reminds me of this place.

Aside from the lounge and media room, The Voodoo Lounge has your typical bar set up in one segment; stools and high tables leading to dance floor, outdoor tiki deck and restaurant. Last Saturday was especially packed. Turns out the owner, used to own the legendary Balinese Room before Hurricane Ike swallowed it. If you haven't heard about the Balinese room, you should read about it here. It boasts a rich history of illegal gambling; attracting patrons like the rat pack and headliners such as Peggy Lee and Frank Sinatra. The Voodoo Lounge reminds me a lot of its ancestor; a winding, compartmentalized hideaway, with a different theme and tone to each room. Aside from the mosquitoes, the outside tiki deck is a fun atmosphere. Giant orange and red canvas-like material above carves shapes reminiscent of sails. Underneath these sails is where I performed my fire show. Despite being surrounded by about 15 citronella tiki torches, I received 60 or so mosquito bites. And, like all gigs I perform on the cement... I earned two new pretty bruises. One for each knee! Also, a small scrape on my elbow, which is more annoying than painful considering it affects EVERYTHING I do. Want to rest my elbow on my desk... burn, place my arm on the center console ... sting, decide to scratch the bites next to it... bleed.

On the positive side, it looks like I will have a regular slot at the lounge a couple times each month. As sad as it is... I may need further convincing to go and get a performance pad to spare my knees. Seems it does not matter whether I'm on the ground or off... I am kicking my own ass.

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Brandi said...

Love the idea for your new sidebar. That's awesome you'll have a regular gig there. Hope I get to see it when I come up!