Wednesday, August 19, 2009

For your boos boos

So. I have been meaning for awhile now to discuss this matter of the healthcare bill and the tsunami of passions arising from just plain old grassroot citizens like myself. No matter how you weigh in on the issue, have you ever seen the Speaker of the House call citizens angry mobs and Astroturf. I don’t know about you, but I’m genuine grass baby. Not Astroturf . I live, I breathe , I grow, I think and when necessary I do my part to dispel tyranny. I do not yell, I do not pitch fits. I have written letters, signed petitions and have been actually reading this bill. This is not just an issue of higher taxes. It’s not only a matter of a government run public option. I am one of those who believe in preserving as much liberty and individual choice as possible. We cannot continue to barter away our right to make our own decisions, mistakes or victories. The danger in this bill is MUCH more insidious than most even choose to acknowledge. This piece of legislation is a power grab that will give our government ultimate power over us, our doctors and existing insurance companies. We are being told that the government only desires to “create healthy competition” to “drive down the cost” of health care. Tell me, when it is literally written into the legislation that:

1. ALL employers must enroll new employees in the government health system ,PG 145, Line 15-17

2. The creation of a national ID health card and a comprehensive federal database containing streaming data on every American's personal financial records, PG 58

3. PG 59: The federal government accesses your bank accounts for mandatory funds transfers.

4. PG 85, Line 7: Limits what private insurers can offer.

5. PG 124, Lines 24-25: Bans companies from suing the federal government, bans the entire judicial system from hearing any cases on the legitimacy of this blatantly unconstitutional socialist health care takeover.

6. PG 167, Lines 18-23: Imposes 2.5% income tax penalty on any privately-insured individual who fails to get "adequate" private insurance.

7. Pg 241, Line 6-8: Mandates that all doctors be paid the same, regardless of specialty.

8. PG 354, Sec 1177 - Rationing of care for special needs people.

9. PG 30, Sec 123: Establishes a government committee that decides what treatments/benefits you can receive.

10. PG 298, Lines 9-11: Imposes penalties and fines on private hospitals for readmissions after initial treatment you get.

11. Congress/White House is exempt and does not have to use the government run option.

Can we really argue that this is the better option for Americans?

Folks… I could go on all day. This is just a very short list of the atrocities that are in this bill. If I could ask you to do anything; I only ask that you educate yourself. Don’t get swept up in tempers or sensationalism. Just read and verify like your liberty depends on it.
It does.

Go here to see what A Union member did to a man at a town hall protest.

And here to report my “fishy” statements to the white house.

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