Friday, January 21, 2011

Build me a box

I need one to retreat into sometimes... you know have a personal moment.
It helps too, that people want to stuff me in one anyhow. For an upcoming event... I actually got asked whether I would come down (from the fabric) in between each act or if I had a box I could crawl into!!! Seriously??? ---Quick crawl in there honey! We don't need you right now! We will call you out again soon!

People just don't seem to understand what they request sometimes... a week out from an event people want 5 wardrobe changes and different color schemes and other nonsense. They think you will just have what they are asking or it's no problem for you to go and just blow major cash on more costuming. It's truly amazing how little understanding people have of performance art... On a semi related note:Check out this band of rag-tag prostitutes... MY GOD I've seen better moves on an infant crapping his pants....

Seeing this monstrosity I feel slightly guilty to complain about my gigs at all!!! I am blessed to have classy and appreciative clients (although very demanding) every time I perform. I'll see if I can just negotiate a water bottle and some peanuts up there in my box. ;)

This guy knows what to do with a box!!
Hilarious ...

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Brandi said...

Would you have a box, like floating in the air at the top of your silks? I'm confused as to how this box would work... I only wish we had the time and resources to have awesome costumes at our disposal!