Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15

I'm 25 today.

Even with all the random excitement and sometimes rather lavish opportunities I have been afforded, I figure I need a new lease on life. I know that I need to adopt a more zen attitude toward life and the events , specifically excitements and disappointments it hurls our way. I have been for some time, thinking about the concept of "zen" and how to apply it to my daily life. Today I read this blog post by a Buddhist blogger with the Houston Chronicle.

It came at the most synchronistic time, as epiphanies often do. Still, in the past I have found myself having these epic realizations then ignoring, rejecting and slipping back to the "status quo." What I am searching for now is a way, perhaps a dose of conviction to stand by something that is neither assured nor completely clear. I suppose the word is faith. Not faith in the traditional sense though, faith that life's experiences will inherently lead me through a compassionate and thoughtful existence.

As a child (even adult) my passions, goals and directions have regularly changed. Somehow, I am fundamentally the same. There are parts of me that should remain static, but I am seeking change. I want to adopt a zen sort of attitude, taking the data plots of my life and connecting them in a pattern that I will one day recognize as beautiful, righteous and contributory.

Do you have a question that needs answering? Try the I-Ching. Put considerable thought into your question and you will be surprised at the relevance of the answer.

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