Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Goals

Ok, so if I want to take my training up a notch... I have realized that I will have to take up contortion. The problem is, the mere sight of photos of the stuff grosses me out! I know it's possible to take the art just as far as I am comfortable with but it seems the only limit to human bendyness.. is our own skeletal system. So once you cross one threshold, it would be difficult to say "meh I'm good here." It's kind of a strange endeavor to want to pursue something that impresses and disgusts you. Ha, I think that applies to other aspects of my life as well, but we won't go into that.

My aerial instructor, Amy, asked me to start putting together a hoop class for this summer. For too long I have been idle in skill level , so I'm not very satisfied with myself in the hooping realm right now. To be fair, I have been majorly focusing on aerial work instead. But honestly, once you are able to spin the hoop on everything from your chest, legs, knees to tips of your toes... the only place left to go is contortion.. or add 12 more hoops... I think I'll go with contortion first.

Throughout my life as a dancer, I have grown accustomed to 30 minute or perhaps one hour of stretching time per day. From what I am reading about contortion, it requires a minimum of 3 hours of stretching per day, a completely different breathing pattern, elimination of indulgence in alcohol and a generally more masochistic attitude than most consider healthy. I'll take your well wishes, warnings, pleads and prayers now. Thanks.

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Paisley said...

Ok I know you will beleive me when I say a contortionist was one of many things on my "what I want to be when i grow up" list. Along with dance teacher of course. I will have to hear more about these breathing skills and such, they sound interesting. Good luck and congrats on the hooping class!