Sunday, May 30, 2010

See ya later...

This week a 10ft alligator was found on the feeder road (that’s frontage road for anyone outside of Houston) of the East Freeway. Poor gator was thirsty and desperate and figured he might find a baby pool, or a pool with a baby or maybe a standing water near a sewer… Anyhow, the gator’s search was fruitless and he ended up being snagged and euthanized by the game warden. Prior to his capture, he was surrounded by 6 or so squad cars against the curb and would not budge. All manners of photography, flashing lights, rubbernecking etcetera showered the gator before his eventual demise.
And here’s the kicker… the meat will be donated to the local homeless shelter. Wonder if they will make some gator jerky…. I WANT SOME GATOR JERKY!!!

As genius as I thought this conversion was… (donating the slain alligator meat to the homeless), apparently it’s quite common. When searching for the story on Google, I found that this is quite common practice in Florida.

Do they donate the skin to poor, needy young ladies who would like a new pair of boots or ottoman to rest said boots?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Silking at The Vanguard

Did a silk show at The Vanguard art space a few weeks back.
It's really an amazing venue... with high ceilings. Very essential. It's an art space that showcases musicians, performing artists and visual arts. Most definietly a vibey/arty place. This particular show happened to be on the same night as
Ill Fated (a hip/hop ,street type group) which made for a rather hilarious yet interesting combination of artists... If you can even imagine me... and hip/hop ghetto/street rap. Nice. Here are a few shots from that show. Actually, this is the first silks piece I have choreographed.

Sometime, I'll get good video up of this piece.

What do you think of my bright purple zebra shorts? They were much less bright with out the camera flash.......

Saturday, May 15, 2010

I left my heart

In Cocoa Beach.

After my second visit to strip A1A of Florida, I think I have fallen in love.

People there have a certain genuineness, a slower pace, passion and lack of need to rush or over analyse. I made several new friends, discovering charm and random generosity so unexpectedly. Between incredible circus training and the final epic launch of Shuttle Atlantis... I may take awhile to return to earth.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Mirror Mirror

This is a lovely one no?

But do you see your face reflected back in it?

Don't flatter yourself; you won't be featured in this blog.

But have a very nice day! :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

The answer you've been waiting for!

If you can make sense of the above chart, then run don't walk to contact General McChrystal. The answers to all our Afghan war woes are somewhere contained in the above diagram. Kudos to you if you have the answer. All I have been able to come up with is very similar to the following:

"I saw this a couple days back and had no trouble at all figuring it out. Simply stated in layman terms it says the Afghan war can be solved easily with the use of 4 nuclear weapons. In a broader scope it says all of the middle east problems can be solved with the use of no less than 23 but no more than 28 nuclear weapons.
Glad I could clear that up for you."

That was the statement in response to the article that I sent my good friend, Joel. He has a way with words, no? And a certain compassionate delicacy that would make even Stalin blush. I respect that.

But seriously, does anyone have a better solution than this? Of course, better being used loosely and to mean that we actually win this war? It is incomprehensibly absurd to believe that we can win a war that has waged since 642, that no one has been remotely successful in quelling (including the Russians). Here is a real time counter of the cost of both the Afghan and Iraq wars. Can we justify the hands tied, $$$$$ blowing, B.S. power point strategies we are using? Even Joint Forces Commander, James N. Mattis exclaims " PowerPoint makes us stupid." PowerPoint???!!! PowerPoint... really? When I read the above article, I was not completely astounded to learn that generals spend much of their time watching presentations to summarize, "explain" and strategize for engagement.

If you have ever seen a PowerPoint presentation, then you know it gives a complete ignoramus the ability to appear knowledgeable on a topic of which they have almost no understanding. PowerPoint is the epitome of what you can do to "wing it" in the 21st century. Bullshit has existed since probably before 1 A.D. , but never before folks has it been so pervacious as to wholly invade our military strategy. Technology, in so many cases, provides the false perception of understanding. In actuality, this is presentation of misunderstanding which spends billions of dollars and wastes thousands of American/ Joint Forces lives. My opinion of the Afghan situation is not unlike Joel's. If we want to WIN, we know how to do it. The U.S. has settled the score successfully in every past attempt using the nuclear method. We have maintained nuclear stability with Russia during the cold war without actually using nuclear weapons. The delicate equilibrium or equal threat of bombing each other into the stone age inspired a point for point appeal to build arms which were very unappealing to actually use. See Nash Equilibrium. So realistically, there are two practical uses for nukes. Building them to intimidate is one, but that alone is not enough. Maybe it's time to launch a few. Winning however is not an option by any other method. So , what do you think it will be? Nukes or billions more wasted?

I have a pretty good guess....